artease™colors manufactures only products of the highest quality and to the latest technical standards, to meet the demands of the professional hairdresser and colorist.

Thanks to a great palette of brilliant and true "natural tones", artease™colors is a multi-faceted product. artease™colors Cream Peroxide is enriched with high quality waxes to protect the hair structure during the chemical process. artease™colors and lightening processes are exceptionally gentle to the hair.

Containing a Three-Wheat-Protein, all different in size, artease™colors is specially designed to penetrate the hair structure more effectively, combined with 99% Kuppler Oxidative pigments creating Intense Saturated Durable hair color.

In 1996 International Hair Cosmetics Ltd. UK conceived, created and launched the premium hair care brand AFFINAGE. Originated as a line of permanent hair colour, the AFFINAGE brand grew rapidly to include tone on tone and fashion colours, permanent waves, specialist highlighting systems, bleaching powders, shampoos, conditioners and styling products that have been enthusiastically embraced by consumers and the hairdressing industry worldwide.

Affinage uses DATEM technology; the advanced technology that colors the hair from the inside out, less swelling of the cuticle layers allowing longer lasting color and shine!

Color Dynamics is ASP newest addition. Semi-Permanent, creative color with electrifying results that will not bleed during rinsing and daily wear.

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Professional Hair Color

NEW 3D Cube Technology

(HA) Hyaluronic Acid - even distribution of mixture & perfect adherence, maintains correct levels of moisture. Faster application time.

(MLV) Multi Lamellar Vehicle - protects pigments, prevents oxidation during mixing. More Pigments penetrate deeper.

(HCI) Hyper Intense Color - crystallized micro pigments, more pure and micronizedpenetrates deeper in the hair shaft for maximum color intensity.

Ultra gentle no PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) formula.

New Formula saves time - 35 minute timing.